Monday, July 18, 2011

I and I Exposed!

 In the Red Room
Early one morning when I finally found the entrance to KKMP, I walked through the doors past the reggae themed walls only to find myself alone.  Where am I to go?  Which door do I open?  Then Mr. Joe limes more commonly known as Uncle Joe on the air, pops out of the studio and kindly invited me in.  So there I was in the famous "Red Room" greeted by Gary Sword and Rosemond Santos who usually does the morning shows.  I thought to myself, Wow!  This is the kind of studio I would love to have one day for future musical ventures.  I was told to grab a seat and slap on some headphones and that's when I realized, hundreds maybe even thousands of people could be listening right now!  I broke a sweat thinking about something clever to say, waiting anxiously for that introduction by Gary or Rosemond.  Luckily, it wasn't time yet, but at least I got a feel for the radio now.  We took a short break for introductions and we jumped right into it.  My heart was pounding, I could just feel the listeners, and before you know it we were off.  I went on about what is the Micronesia Challenge and the projects that I've been working on.  Out of the blue, Lisa Eller pops in; my internship supervisor/mentor.  Yes!  She is going to be on the air with me.  She put on headphones, and listened carefully to catch anything controversial I might blurt out.  Although she didn't speak on air, she gave me the support and confidence just being there.  Before I knew it, My face was dry, my heart was calm, and we were back again on I and I airwaves!!!  Click title to listen

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